I found myself humming, tapping and singing along to 'Happy' by Pharrell Williams while waiting patiently to pay for my grocery shopping  today.For 3 minutes, 53 seconds, I let myself bathe in the yellow glow of happiness.  I received a few odd stares, however I got many smiles which suggested we were all tapping into this collective moment of happiness.

This upbeat and exuberant song with its catchy lyrics " Because I'm happy,clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth" seems to be generating a global Happiness Movement online.

So, I decided to choose 14 videos from all over the world to spell out Because I'm Happy. I loved being happy in Abijan,Ivory Coast. Which is your favorite?

If this infectious neo soul /funk music genre is not your thing, then the new Black emoticons  called Oju Africa might bring a smile to your face. 'Oju' is Yoruba (a language spoken in South West Nigeria) which means face.Oju Africa app is available on Android

Credit:Oju Africa

Credit:Oju Africa





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  1. I loved watching d Abidjan,cotonou and Abu Dhabi videos. It got me thinking that we need one made in Nigeria.

  2. Beautiful concept, beautiful execution

  3. Ywe. Happy day to you… Please check out the Jamaica version..

  4. Wow!! What a wonderful collection. Thoroughly enjoyable I’m glad you enjoyed your birthday Yewande

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