Breakfast with a Twist

We could say, smart marketing is coming up with an idea for a product before people realise they want the product. I had no inclination I had a deep desire to have a breakfast cup cake till I set my eyes on one.

I stumbled upon breakfast cup cakes at G.Kelly on Bethnal Green Rd. Although noted for serving pie & marsh, from time to time Theresa shakes things up a bit and creates different food experiences. Last year she offered Sunday afternoon tea however, this year we are in for a treat with the occasional Sunday breakfast cup cake.

Breakfast cup cake

Breakfast cup cake

An English Breakfast with a difference

I liked the look and taste of the breakfast cup cake because it allowed me to experience English breakfast in a new way.The compact presentation of bread, mushrooms, bacon and egg gave me a sense of "taking breakfast" rather than "having breakfast" and there was something rather genteel about this encounter. This might have something to do with having tea served in bone china instead of a mug or a plastic cup.

Why does tea taste better when served in a bone china tea cup?

Bone China tea cups

Bone China tea cups

My morning treat did not end with breakfast cup cakes and tea. I only had one breakfast cup cake so, there was plenty of room to try out Theresa's homemade cakes.

 Ice cream and red velvet cakes

Ice cream and Red Velvet cakes

I opted for the Red Velvet Cake. Yummy. Highly recommended.

Red Velvet cake

Red Velvet cake

I had a leisurely Sunday brunch which gave me an opportunity to talk to fellow brunchers.

Ladies who bunch

Ladies who bunch

After a lovely brunch and conversation with ladies that brunch I decided to buy more cakes – for research purposes only, of course. After a long deliberation between the ice cream cake and the cake in a jar, I settled for the cake in a jar.

Cake in a jar

Cake in a Jar

Why have I never had a cake in a jar?

Really. How have I managed to overlook the pleasures of eating cake in a jar? Juicy, succulent, warm, cool and sweet all come to mind here. My sensory vocabulary does not do enough justice to Theresa's cake in a jar and I can only recommend you experience it.

When is the next Rendezvous?

The next breakfast/brunch will be served on Sunday,June 22nd from 10.30am – 2pm. If you are in the area visiting Brick Lane or Columbia Rd Market, do pop in to experience the delights of Theresa's breakfast at G.Kelly. 





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