Because I’m Happy

I found myself humming, tapping and singing along to 'Happy' by Pharrell Williams while waiting patiently to pay for my grocery shopping  today.For 3 minutes, 53 seconds, I let myself bathe in the yellow glow of happiness.  I received a few odd stares, however I got many smiles which suggestedRead more Continue reading

Origins of the Afro Comb – unlocks forgotten stories

Material Culture and forgotten stories  I could not contain my excitement.There it was, framed in all its glory – a plastic carrier bag.                           If a plastic bag is going to survive for 500 years or more, itRead more Continue reading

Why isn’t my professor black – my reflections

Looking, feeling and seeing race equality

Although I compiled snippets of the conversation about the ‘Why isn’t my professor black, I have also received quite a number of emails and phone calls from friends with polarised views. This has prompted me to reflect further. Conversations It has become increasingly obvious that the experience, research and insightsRead more Continue reading